Nikon Precision Inc  |  LithoVision and SPIE Tradeshow Design
Design ads, panel graphics, marquee signage, web banner, einvite, datasheets and various other graphics to be used at the tradeshow. I always enjoy working with the marketing team at Nikon Precision Inc. Can’t show much more here because Nikon’s projects are proprietary.

San Mateo County | Sample Ballot Design
Created InDesign template that would work in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Chinese versions).

Vallemar School  |  Annual Bowl-a-Rama Theme Design
Designed a flyer and T-shirt that would appeal to both children and adults.

Pacifica AYSO  |  Sweatshirt Art
A designer’s dream! Getting to use 6 colors for a silkscreen project.

Digitally Enhanced Sketch  |  Chili Cook-Off Flyer
Designed a flyer for a Chili Cook-Off